I’m Eric Fawcett and I’m a lifelong drummer. I’m also a producer, writer, speaker on creative entrepreneurship, and co-owner Egg Music, a company that makes all kinds of cool stuff for film, television, advertising, and just for the sake it. I’m also an industry educator about ways brands can best be served by artists.

During twenty-five years in a variety of creative industries I’ve gotten to do some really cool things, and I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with some of the most amazing artists on the planet. But I couldn’t have done any of these things without first learning from some big mistakes and shifting my perspective several times about how I go about my life as an artist. After talking with hundreds of other creative types like me I learned that not only every artist, but also every creative organization experiences their own version of the same unpredictable growth process. We just tend to be kinda private about it.

dumbdrummer is all about appreciating and honoring the creator in all of us. The conversation here isn’t so much about how great art is made. Instead it’s about how great artists and great creative organizations are made, and how their work finds its way into the world.

Since I’m a drummer, many posts and articles are written from a musician’s perspective, but they’re intended for all creative souls. The ideas and questions and lessons are universal to all art-forms.

The more of you that comment and contribute, agree and disagree, the better and truer this discussion will be. So please join the conversation. Thanks for visiting. – Eric



In addition to his work for Egg, Eric Fawcett is a musician, songwriter, music producer, and drummer for SpymobPharrellN*E*R*D, Chinese pop star Wang Lee Hom, and continues to perform with his all-star cover band, Yukon Kornelius, along with Stefan Lessard (Dave Matthews), Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies), Adam Gardner (Guster), actor Jason Biggs, and Dee Snider (Twisted Sister). In his most rewarding role, Fawcett is co-executive producer of his three brilliant kids, Jackson, Lewis, and Cecilia.

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