dumbdrummer Podcast – Julio Ojeda-Zapata

Today I have the good fortune of interviewing Julio Ojeda-Zapata, a technology author, journalist, blogger, and speaker, a sort of Cameron Crowe documenting today’s rock stars – that is, the tech products that preoccupy our lives, and the super nerds that create them.

It used to be that the music we listened to and the art we hung on our walls reflected who we are. Today it’s the gadgets we use, and Julio talks about how the geeks have inherited the earth, something he never could have imagined as a boy growing up in Puerto Rico.

But the main focus of my interview is how Julio has achieved enormous success in an industry that requires him to talk with strangers on a daily basis in spite of his paralyzing shyness.

When I met Julio a couple months ago, I, an introvert myself, was immediately moved and inspired by the honesty and courage he’s brought to challenging his his lifelong fear of unfamiliar social situations.

So I asked him if I could record a conversation in which I threw a lot of very personal questions at him, with the intention of broadcasting it on the worldwide web. To my surprise, he said yes. And I’m grateful he did. Thanks for listening.

Julio’s “Analog Coffee” speech he referenced in the podcast…

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