VIDEO: N*E*R*D & Spymob “Lapdance” Live Compilation

N*E*R*D performed hundreds of shows backed by my band Spymob, and nearly every one of them closed with the song Lapdance.

It’s the track that broke N*E*R*D, and it’s a monster. It tore the room apart every night. Lapdance was my favorite N*E*R*D track to record, and my favorite to perform. So I always looked forward to the end of the show.

Here’s Lapdance performed live, captured on home movies and broadcast footage over the course of five years, tracing the band from our first club gig to the humongous European festivals we’d play just a couple years later.

Guests include The Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, Dizzee Rascal, and my on-point drum tech, Chris Sasman.

I included snippets of killer drum covers of the track by great players you’ve probably never heard but should.

Warning: strong language

Happy listening!


2 Responses to “VIDEO: N*E*R*D & Spymob “Lapdance” Live Compilation”

  1. AnaniA

    AHHH The licensing issues between GEMA and UMG make it un-watchable in Germany. Eric, do you have another way that I can view this? I’d love to see it. Cheers from Berlin and I’m looking forward to participating here! Dave Anania

    • dumbdrummer

      I’d love you to participate, Dave. In fact, I’d love to host a post about your amazing experiences with Blue Man Group. Possible? Or something else you find interesting? And congratulations on your own new blog! I compressed the video and sent you a link to it via FB. Let me know if you don’t get it.


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